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Alberta trails

My daughter was born in the UK and I wanted her to have something of the treasured experiences I had while growing up in rural Alberta. Being a Londoner with very little interest in nature adventures, wild animals or mosquitoes, my daughter finally agreed on the prospect of the shared experience of a walking holiday. We spent 21 glorious days in August 2016 walking the dusty forgotten back roads of rural Alberta from Tofield to Ryley, from Ryley to Holden, from Holden to Vegreville, passing through ghost towns like Shonts and Haight, still whispering stories of their past. We encountered wildlife like suspicious deer, irreverent skunks, disinterested beaver, soaring eagles and plenty of ravenous mosquitoes. We were rained on, wind blown, dust cloaked and drenched in the most brilliant Alberta sunshine. The blue skies stretched from horizon to horizon and wheat fields danced under them. Clouds were hung in time to decorate the evening sky in colours precious gemstones could only hope to mimick. And it was all timed to the music of my heart. Then, as if a spell had come over her little by little, I saw my daughter's barely concealed disinterest shift and the staging came alive for her too. It was the most precious experience we shared together and both have etched in our minds and hearts. One I will never forget and I doubt she will either.

- Sharon


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