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Chilling in the Woods

Christmas 1995, Mount Orford in the Eastern Townships region of Quebec, Canada. A family surprise visit home for the festive season. Here my two eldest and moi are chilling in the quasi quiet stunning forest covered in crispy snow. The boys still talk about this trip today. They had never experienced a white Noel in a log cabin amongst their Canadian relatives, especially being reunited with Suka, the Seberian Husky after a few years. You see, before moving the UK, we had lived in lovely fresh relaxing Vancouver for a very short time after the extreme heat of our Southern Californian life in the mountains. Fantastic souvenirs! Only last year did my youngest and my husband had experienced the promise of a magical Canadian fluffy white Christmas with family and friends in Montreal, Hull and Ottawa. Canada offers so much with its breath taking sceneries, fantastic social conscious clean living and creative cosmopolitan inspiring experiences. O, Canada, home to many and my native land! O, how I do miss your free and glorious unique wildlife. The calmness of its wilderness and the sweet sweetness amber nectar of the maple tree. With thee, I close my eyes and reminisce one of my childhood summer camp vacation, sailing on the Matapedia lake with my fellow campers. We're singing churlish songs with laughter, creating and making memories. Today, I can't wait to wrap skates around my feet again, to be back on the ice again gliding with the wind on my face trying not to fall.

- Tina


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