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Perhaps I'm biased, but after years of travel around the world I have yet to find anywhere as beautiful as the wilderness of British Columbia. Whether it’s hiking up to the peak of Mount Seymour (pictured) or kayaking in Howe Sound below, the spectacular nature here simply outshines the comparatively scant parks scattered amongst the cold grey concrete and red bricks of London, UK, where I have resided for five years after moving away for university. So whenever I have the opportunity to return to Vancouver I ensure I make the most of the unparalleled access to the great outdoors. It never fails to provide a relaxing, challenging, and necessary retreat from the brisk pace of modern life. The vistas are always impressive, but the journey is worth far more than the destination. Every step is a triumph; every foot of elevation is earned. Yet even more important than the journey are the people I spend it with. The friends who are always up for an adventure. The friends who are always supportive even if we haven’t seen each other for years. When the climb gets tough we persevere harder. Together. We motivate each other to achieve. My Canada is more than my home; more than the mountains and forests I miss so dearly; my Canada is the friends I share it with. The friends who do not let an ocean between us impede dreams of exploring all that our country has to offer. I appreciate them above all, and this is an outlook I will always be grateful for.

- Nik


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