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Around Northern Lake Superior

In August 1977, my parents and I crossed the peninsula on a ferry that took us to Sault St Marie /Tobermory and the beginning of our drive to Thunder Bay and points West to Manitoba. Lake Superior, the largest fresh body of water on earth, with its sun-speckled crystal clear water greeting us around every bend in the road as we travelled the two lane highway. With a backdrop of Brilliant blue skies, men in boots fishing, and the silence, the crisp silence let me know this was indeed a unique experience. A postcard I picked up at a small shop along the way, swore this was the coldest spot in the Great North, -64F. The road was hilly and I was sure the car was headed into the Lake as we rounded the curve and were met by another spectacular panorama of sky, forest and blue if the water. Our day came to an end at Thunder Bay, as the sky darkened and the lie hanging moon rose above us.

- Margareta


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