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Petawawa Ontario

My picture is of the rapids at the catwalk beach in Petawawa Ontario. I spent every summer here enticed by the amazing rapids. I was born in Calgary Alberta our family settled in the great town of Petawawa. My dad served in the military there for over 20 years. He taught me how to swim there. And of course how to hold your breathe and sneak behind the man made water fall created by the catwalk. There is nothing like the roar of the rapids surrounded by fresh air and gorgeous foliage and curious animals. I will never forget the giant bullfrogs that seemed to serenade the hot summer days. And chasing the dragonflys. After graduating from Algonquin College in pembroke, I moved to Texas in 2001 for my nursing career. Living so far away it is harder to get home these days. We haved missed so many family milestones. Most regretful was my Dads last birthday before he passed two years ago. It would be so great to go home for my papa's 80 th birthday and reunite with my family. They are spread out between Toronto, Kingston, London and Calgary. Home is where your family is. As my home town Petawawa is always a piece of my heart, as being a Canadian, spending time with family is priceless. Just as the memories I have of the catwalk beach, it would be such a privilege to go home and make new memories. Thank you for this opportunity go home.

- Tanya


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