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The Rockies

When I was five my parents took my brother and I on a trip from Toronto to Vancouver. I remember getting excited when I first saw some mountains poking through the clouds before we landed. We drove through the Rockies to Vernon B.C. and I remember being absolutely terrified along the way when I looked out the window of the car and instead of seeing the road, all I could see was a drop to the trees below that seemed a mile (1.6km) away. I remember being amazed at the size of the mountains. We stayed with some relatives in Vernon and I remember going to Okanagan Lake and being told about the Ogopogo monster. At the end of our visit we drove through the Rockies to Calgary and flew home. I remember stopping at Lake Louise first before we left. That's where this photo was taken. My son is the same age as I was in that photo, and I can't wait to take him and my wife across Canada someday to make new memories of our own.

- Kevin


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