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Summers to Remember

This is The Grotto. Found on the glorious Bruce Peninsula, in Bruce Peninsula National Park! I spent 4 summers working at Camp Celtic, which is right around the corner from this cave of splendour. I was 19 when I started, and I was lucky enough to spend the next 4 summers of my young adult life, watching the look of wonder in kids eyes as we turned that final corner of the everlasting hike along the rock beach. To see that glimpse of absolute awe at natures work, in the eyes of youngsters that perhaps hadn't had the chance prior to this.. it is something that will stay with me for the rest of my days. I would love to share that wonder with my best friend, who is English. It is something that I have yet to find on this side of the pond. That distinct look of joy, in the adventure that lies ahead. The endless possibilities of Mother Nature and all her glory. ☺ #Canada150

- Nicola


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