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Lake Erie Sunset

I am old now but my mind still goes back to my childhood when my father & mother took us traveling around Canada in our old car. Four of us kids (one seated on the floor; no SUV's back then). We traveled up to St. Anne de Beaupre; to see the St. Lawrence; out wester to Calgary, Saskatchewan and all around Ontario. No matter what our vacations were all back to Canada. My mother took me as a baby to meet my grandmother in Nova Scotia and my one regret is that I have not been back there. I would like to visit Cape Breton where my mom grew up and see where my grandparents are buried, now as an adult I know I would be able to appreciate the beauty. The photo was taken outside my cousin's home just outside Point Peelee National Park as the sun went down on Lake Erie. What a peaceful, beautiful evening it was!! The only thing to me that compares to the beauty of the countryside & wilderness of Canada, is the beauty of its' people. I was raised in Detroit, MI and I have traveled back & forth across that border literally hundreds of times. There is no greater comfort, peace or beauty to me than coming home to God's Country. I do hope to make it my formal home again some day. Canada's shores are the most welcoming in the world and there is much more of it left for me to see.

- Fran


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