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Winter Wonder

After living in San Diego, Ca for 5 years our family returned to Canada for a short 3 years. Our SD friends missed us greatly and being so intriged about our home and native land, they hopped on a plane and made the trip to Toronto to visit in the middle of our snowy winter wonderland. None of us being quite adjusted to the fridgit temps decided to celebrate our reunion with a hike through the forest. This seemed like a brilliant idea in order to experience all Canada at its finest had to offer. With a bag of random gas station donuts in hand and the slipperiest boots on the face of the planet, we hiked. Inexperienced, yet full of adventure, our two families embraced the wonder of the season as the Great White North glistened from the sunbeams hitting the soft white powder we trampled on. No wipe outs, no injuries, and no terrain too rough, we conquerored our unknown territory and loved every minute. Thank you Canada for the wonder of your glow, the freedom to explore and nature in all of its fullness. It was an afternoon to remember, full of friends and laughter, surrounded by the beauty of Canada's wilderness. We are now back living in San Diego, Ca and would LOVE a trip home to celebrate Canada the way it deserves to be championed!

- Renee


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