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Paddle Piercing Silence

I dreamed of hiking the Algoma trail , of seeing the splendour of Lake Louise, the Atlantic surf and the Bay of Fundi. I dreamt of painting in the wild to capture my impressions of Canada's immense beauty . My first opportunity to realize one of thousands of dreams came as an invitation to join dear friends in their cottage in Mactier , Ontario. Immensely warm and welcoming people only served to amplify the beauty. The rocky outcroppings , framed the lake and served as basking platforms for the snakes in the evening. Pre- dawn the morning after I arrived I was given a canoe lesson that lasted much of the morning . The glory and majesty of nature on that morning has stayed with me throughout my life.Reaching through all time the primal call of the loon briefly pierced the silence, and my soul. Kingfisher darts , dives and triumphant rises from the pristine depths with his royal breakfast. The rhythm of near silent paddles moving in concert and gracing crystal waters with brief caresses to glide our time machine back to a era when all this natural wonder was as yet untouched . A new discovery at every turn and at every turn a gasp of delight in a new colour at dawn , a bird call or even silence so profound our breath was all the sound we could discern . Splash ! A momentary fountain erupts as trout learns flight is brief without wings. Oh! The scents of all nature fill my lungs .I go there in dreams, when the rush of the windy city blows my spirits there.

- Martha


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