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Maman Moose and Twins

My husband and I were driving from a cottage in Perth to a cottage in Dunchurch with our sons. It was during our annual holiday to visit my family in Ontario and we were cottage hopping! We were going to meet my twin and his family. We were ready for a break so we stopped at the visitors' centre in Algonquin Park where we saw a stuffed moose on display. I told our sons that if we were lucky, we would see a real moose. Shortly after we left the centre, we noticed cars parked on the side of the road. Sure enough, there was a cow and her twins standing in a marsh! It was thrilling for our boys to see their first moose! I grew up in Toronto and we went to the cottage in Dunchurch every summer. To share cottage life and the iconic symbols of our beautiful land with our sons is important to me. These experiences connect my sons to their second home-Canada!

- Susan


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