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In fourth grade I went to port burwell public school; We were doing a unit on ecosystems and habitats, for our field trip we were taken first to a farm where we went to the creek bed to explore and look for fossils and learn about the types of rock formations. From there went to Jaffa where they have an environmental education center where we got to look at stuffed animals from the surrounding habitat and learn about re-habing hurt animals. This picture is one of the few I have of my school filed trips (like earth keepers in 5th grade which I loved just as much) but I will never forget the lessons learned on those trips that sparked my life long desire to care for and be apart of nature; and later incorporate it as the main focus in my sons homeschool education. I hope to one day brig him home to Canada so he can share in some of the same beautiful experiences, such as the endless beaches along the Great Lakes, family owned Apple and berry farms, and so much more. This is my Canada 150 🇨🇦

- Katrina


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