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McIntyre Bay

This place is the best for serenity!!! My father grew up there...He has a lot of stories about his upbringing and we go camping there sometimes for a Month or two in the summer!!! It has the best fishing and hunting!! Seen a lot of wildlife there. The best memories that I had there was seeing all of my family from Gull Bay, Thunder Bay, Nipigon and MacDiarmi(B.Z.A) I remember my Grandfather would take us fishing in his big boat cause he worked for Fisheries in MacDiarmid When we would visit our uncle Timmy Hardy he told us scary We would also steal from Aunties garden cause she had the best garden We got to roast marshmallows at night and play hide and seek at night. We spent a lot of time swimming It is such a beautiful place to camp...I miss it so much!!! Hope I get to see it again soon!!!

- Amanda


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