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Exploring Algonquin Park

One of my favourite wilderness adventures was visiting Algonquin Park, especially in Autumn as you can see by my photo, the beauty of the exquisite colours in the vast amount of trees, which I now miss seeing, living here in Florida. This photo was taken in early Fall, so there were not as many as colours as usual, but gorgeous just the same. A favourite memory of visiting the park was bringing my cousins from England to see the true Canadian wilderness by spending a week with me in a rustic cabin. When I took them to the visitors centre in the park, my cousin's husband looked at the aerial photo of the vastness of the park and said "Coo there isn't this many trees in all of England!" They were busy the whole week snapping lots of photos, but one memorable times was when we went to the dump to see some bears and that was an amazing sight for them as they saw 2 adult bears and 2 cubs, which Mama sent scurrying up a tree, so she could feast on her buffet! So many fond memories of my many times visiting Algonquin, with so many beautiful photos that it was hard to choose any particular one, so here it is, hope you enjoy it!

- Deborah Lee


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