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Cheeky Sea Lion

I spent 3 magical days in the Discovery Islands in British Columbia summer of 2016 with my brother fishing and watching grizzlies gorging on salmon that were making their way up the rivers to spawn. On our last morning we walked to the edge of Sonora Island where we were staying to watch the Stellar Sea Lions frolicking in the water and catching salmon. This sea lion was very curious about us and swam close to get a better look, but he obviously didn't like what he saw and began to slap the water with his fins and bark (is that what they call the grunts these sea lines make?) at us. He finally threw himself out of the water and slapped down, trying to spray us with the sea water. The photo was taken when he peeked back out the water to see if he had been successful. Cheeky guy didn't succeed, but he gave me a great opportunity to take his photo.

- Terri


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