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Why I'm A Northern Girl

Until I was surrounded by palm trees, beaches and the glamorous strangers that permeate L.A. I didn't know how precious the glow of a campfire under a harvest moon with people I've know forever could be. It is my greatest Canadian memory. Nothing replaces watching the Northern Lights dance above as your muscles pleasantly unwind from a day on the lake and your spirit is lifted by simple conversation with the neighbours. How spoiled I was all those years to access such things as if they were common throughout the world. In my mind I can still hear that lonely loon calling from the bay across the lake and if I close my eyes long enough I can almost catch the scent of freshly cut hay rolling in with the cool breeze. Details unique to my homeland. These are the memories that dance within my heart, that carry me from one Canadian visit to the next. They are what make Canada great, a place worth missing, and a country worth sharing. My greatest Canadian memory is more than just a memory - it's what reminds me that I'm always a Northern girl.

- Jolene


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