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Old Woman's Falls

In 2005 I had the privilege of taking my husband, Mike, my son Brett and step son Philip to my favorite childhood vacation spot, Kapuskasing Ontario Canada. My memories as a child was my Father telling me that the area was truly God's country due to the rugged beauty of the area. The plentiful trout in the cold streams and abundance of spectacular views and amazing sighting of the majestic wildlife such as moose and bear. One of my favorite memories of camping was spotting my first bear. The trip in 2005 did not disappoint! There were spectacular sunrises and sunsets at camp and wildlife spottings along the glorious trails and rivers. My husband and son's were in aw of the beautiful scenery and every day adventures. The only thing missing was sharing it again with my father. My father had passed in 1998, but just being back in this majestic wilderness area that he loved so much I could feel him with us on every trail and fishing trip. It was a magical family trip where my small family at the time we were living in Florida; were able to drive across country into Canada and meet my extended large family in Canada. An adventure of a lifetime. I would love to experience this trip again with my husband, my son Brett and my oldest son Ian who was unable to make the trip in 2005. It would be especially fitting for Ian and his wife to experience the trip as they are new parents. It would be amazing to share the legacy of my father with my first grandson, Jameson.

- Sara


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