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A Lifetime of Camping Memories

When I was 4 months old my parents took me camping for the first time. When I was 2 years old I saw my first groundhog. When I was 5 a raccoon stole the muffins my family had brought for breakfast. When I was 7 I caught my first fish. When I was 9 I heard wolves howling for the first time. When I was 11 I learned how to make a campfire. When I was 14 I learned how to steer a canoe by myself. When I was 18 I went camping for the first time without any parents. When I was 23 I went winter camping for the first time. Now I'm 29 and I’ve been away from Canada for several years. I would love to go back to the place where my best memories were made. (And I haven't gotten poison ivy yet)

- Mary


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