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Georgian Bay Sunset Swim!

"Why did you ever leave Canada?" This is a question I first heard from family 17 years ago and still hear from people I meet today during my expat live in the UK. Circumstances have led to choosing a life outside of Canada, but I my Canadian past is always with me. During my childhood I was fortunate to spend many summers at camp in Georgian Bay where I immersed myself in natural beauty. My 'up north' experience had all the postcard elements you expect from calming morning sunrises to pine scented shoreline swims to comforting campfires leading to starlight panoramas. What happened beyond the postcards is what stays with me today. My summers in Georgian Bay provided an environment beyond the noise and distractions of city life that fueled my introspection and self-awareness. I learned to appreciate the simple pleasures. Upon landing at Pearson last sumer I spent a few days reconnecting with hometown friends in Toronto but immediately the yearning to 'go up north' resurfaced. Fortunately I had a chance to return to Georgian Bay thanks to an invitation from one of my closest friends who has an island cottage near Parry Sound and not far from where I started to spend my summers 30 years ago. The big difference this time is that I wasn't alone...this time I was with my three children and this photo captures them at the start of their relationship with the wonders of Georgian Bay and learning something new about themselves in this beautiful environment.

- Derek


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