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The Cottage

This was the back lake at my family's cottage near Algonquin Park off the Bonnechere River. Can't get any more Canadian than spending summers bobber fishing for northern pike and bass. Miss it still. I can still hear the sound of the loons. We had a wooden row boat that my grandfather made. All six of us would spend hours out there. As we grew older we started bringing our own families up to this piece of heaven on Earth. Some of the best memories are when it was just my dad and me out on that back lake. Stories of when the fishing line broke above the bobber after a strike and we chased the bobber around the lake until we caught the pike. A better job brought me to the states...I live in Florida now. I try to get back at lesst once a year but I haven't been back to the cottage since Thanksgiving of 2014. So much of who and what I am is a direct result of being born and raised in Canada. I miss Timmy's, Swiss Chalet, Harvey's, crunchie bars and hickory sticks. But mostly I miss the cottage and the years of incredible memories.

- Margaret


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