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Delights of past and future

Laurentian Mountains, Quebec I grew up spending summer and winter breaks driving from Ontario to the Laurentians to visit my mum's family and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. In winter, we would spend our days skiing, snowboarding and sitting around great roaring fires after family meals with epic games of boggle. In summer, we would swim, hunt frogs and walk through the lush green hills collecting berries and feeling a freedom that children so rarely get now. In the evenings, we would barbecue and eat the best corn on the cob you ever tasted. Now I live in Hove in England, a lovely seaside community on the south coast. My husband now also shares my love of the Laurentians. My uncle has a chalet there which we visit some summers, some winters. In summer, we canoe around the lake or cycle the riverside, forest paths. In winter, we snowboard together and heal our muscles in the hot tub. My husband even proposed to me there in 2013 by writing 'marry me' in the snow! Tomorrow we are having our first child and we look forward to taking her there. We spend every penny we can save visiting my family in Canada. Although I love living here, my heart is lifted when we land on Canadian soil, knowing the delights of family and nature that await us. Here is a picture from last summer taken in Mont Christie, on the tiny lake where we used to stay when I was a child. What can I say? There are a lot of special places in Canada and this is one of mine. Xo 🇨🇦

- Amelia


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