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Oh my this is our story!! We could not afford a big trip but little did we know just how fantastic this Honeymoon would be!!! We packed up our only car a 1969 GTO and off we went. We left Woodstock Ontario and headed north to Sudbury!!! We stopped all along the way took lots of pictures when you had to use a camera . We met some amazing people and could not believe how beautiful the country was. The photos were taken between Niagra Falls and Sudbury!! We stopped at little road side cafe off the beaten path sign said fresh trout. On didn't we get a surprise when they brought it to the table it still had the head on. Needless to say the only fish we had ever eaten was at the local fish and chip place!!! We laughed so hard but left hungry. This may not have been back in the deep wilderness but back then it was pretty close .... This turned out to be the trip of a lifetime and we still cherish every memory. We always tell people if you ever have the opportunity to visit Canada do it!! It is a beautiful and amazing country. We have lived in the USA for 25 years but Canada will always be our home.

- Janice


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