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Never Say Die!

In 2011 my sister heard that the small town of Aklavik in the Mackenzie Delta region of the Northwest Territories was celebrating 100 years. We had lived there from 1950 - 1952 when my dad was stationed there with the RCMP. At that time the entire area was expected to flood and government officials wanted the town to relocate. Many moved to what is now Inuvik, but many stayed and the town is still there. My dad, aged 99, and my mom, aged 90, were eager to go. So we did. It was the last great trip of their lifetimes and we are so glad we went. We flew by small charter plane into Tuktoyaktuk and Herschel Island- both areas my dad had patrolled many times over those three years. No stone went unturned as we strolled the rocky beaches, out our toes in the Arctic Sea, visited pingos, midnight canoe races, and old friends. My dad grinned from ear to ear the entire trip, and couldn't stop talking about the proud and indomitable spirit of those who did not give up on their beloved town of Aklavik, which now bears the motto of 'Never say Die'!

- Louise


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