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Canada home and adventure

This photo was taken up in the Ice Fields between Alberta and BC, what a sight as we came around one of the corners and saw this illustrious animal, happily rooting through the undergrowth for what ever was available to fill his stomach. Its does not matter how many times you drive through the Rockies you never see the same sight twice. You could spend a life time exploring the wilderness of each province but you could never see everything. This vast land with its oceans and rivers, the mountains and tree. It might only be 150 years old but it is rich in history. The ruggedness to the dainty Alpine flowers. The wild life & ocean creatures. I have four sons & five Grand children born in BC. They have thrived from their adventures, camping when they were young. Their sports, hockey and lacrosse, their friendships that arose from their travels across the provinces for tournaments. Canada is one large community. Our home and native land. A melting pot of people, a place called home. Life is an adventure and Canada is definitely a place everyone should explore. I'm older now 64, and would love to go back & visit, to see family, to hear the laughter of my grand children that I have not met. If people cannot get over there they should find the websites and enjoy what they have to offer even if its from the comfort of their own living room. Of course if you can get there travel, travel, travel and breath in everything there is to offer. Nine & a half years away & miss it.

- kathleen


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