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Cabin Life

Here is a memory of My true north strong and free. Being of Scottish descent we were some of the first immigrants to the area in the 1800's. Here my relatives harvested trees for homes, farmed the land and in the winter harvested lumber for the Canadian railroad. Later they lived in a sparsely populated town and worked in the Copper Mine. After the mine closed my grandfather purchased this cabin on the lake on a small island where it is still enjoyed by our family. No phones, or electricity we cook on a wood stove and bathe in the lake. When I think of Camp, I think of Canada as a whole; and how in this one small log cabin microcosm lives the memories of the hard working people who help build the foundation of Canada. The photo (attached) is myself, my brother and sister sitting on the back steps of that cabin. We still own it today and although we have propane it is still the same log cabin full of those great Canadian memories.

- Len


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