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12 hours of kayaking

North Bay, Ontario is situated on lovely lake Nipissing. From the beach you can see some islands that look quite close. My cousin suggested swimming to them. I said, "They're further than they look!" Later we used Google to find out they're 10km from shore! My young fit cousin suggested kayaking using my parents' cheap intended-for-children kayaks. The next day we did that. It was 32 degrees so thankfully we'd brought sunscreen. We not only kayaked to the islands but went to each of the five. One had a lovely beach. Altogether we were gone nearly 12 hours. Thankfully we'd brought just enough food and water. On the way back I thought my arms would stop working but we made it back just in time for my parents to not worry. After 25km and nearly 12 hours I was glad to go home.

- Lyndsay


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