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Jasper life

This picture represents one of the best summers of my life. Summer 2003. I wish I had more pictures that could visually display how epic that summer was, but alas, that was before the days of smartphones and digital cameras (at least, for me). I packed up shop and left the comforts of living at home with the parentals in Ontario, flew across the prairies, and landed myself in Jasper, Alberta. I wasn't sure university was right for me and decided to take the semester off to 'discover myself'. Working at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, I got to experience true wilderness in the company with everlasting friends. From waking up with elk at my window to white water rafting the Athabasica, from skinny dipping in Lake Mildred to hiking down Whistlers Mountain and needing to get rescued by the rangers at 2am because we went off-piste, my memories of my time spent at 'the Lodge' are fond and endless. My appreciation of the great outdoors grew tenfold. I am so grateful for all that Canada has to offer and I am so proud to BE CANADIAN!

- Hazel


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