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My Home & Native Land

My husband and I and our twin 5yr old sons recently traveled to Lillooet, B.C. to attend my nephew's wedding on my sister's & brother-in-law's new retirement property. We spent 4 days up there and it was so beautiful. The wedding unfolded with a backdrop of the majestic B.C. mountains and we were graced with perfect, crisp sunshine in spite of a forcast of possible rain. While there our boys got to run wild and free and also experienced their first country bonfire, fed chickens, fed horses, saw a herd of wild deer crossing the road on the way to the wedding and on the way out of town to travel home they saw their first mountain goat which was standing stubbornly on the highway. It was so much fun and filled with lasting family memories made. Every deep breath of the clear mountain air filled me with contentment and the feeling of coming my native land.

- Wendy


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