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BC Girl for life!

The flight back home was so poignant... flying back into the Okanagan Valley after more than 12 years away... seeing the lakes, the hills, the mountains... the tears began to flow freely. Words cannot describe my feeling of awe, the overwhelming knowledge that this was, is, & always will be HOME! The event: my parents' 50th Anniversary. A surprise party to beat all surprise parties... it was amazing! They were flabbergasted at all of us being there, together. It had been TOO long! Never again will I be away this long, I vowed. I'm making plans... plans to be back home for good down the road. Family & friends... lifelong friends... the ones who are also family, truly... we hiked out to Cousens Bay on a beautiful but long, dusty trail & were rewarded with a day on Kalamalka Lake that brought back so many memories. We made more this day. This photo is testament to the years we spent there, the friendships we cultivated, the family we grew to be... This is MY HOME & native land. Supernatural British Columbia. This is God's Country.

- Robin


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