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Backyard Paradise

This capture of Canadian charm and stunning beauty was taken at my sisters ranch just outside of Kamloops, British Columbia. Canadian wildness is more than the lush forests and abundance of lakes that Canada is known for. It's also in the plains, rolling hills, valleys and majestic mountain landscapes. The very essence of Canadian beauty and wilderness is that it varies so much in our great country, much like the people who take pride in telling the world that we are Canadian- no matter where we have now made our homes around the world. For many lucky Canadians like my sister, the Canadian wilderness is literally their backyard where a sunset lights up the breathtaking beauty that she is fortunate enough to call home. I've lived in the U.K. for 6 years now and long to bring my English husband back to Canada for a trip of a lifetime to show him all the beauty and wilderness wonder that Canada is famous for worldwide.

- Kimberley


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