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Beautiful Rocky Mountains

From the beautiful banks of Newfoundland to the Rugged Rockies to the Coastal Mountains of BC - and everything in between. It was so hard to choose one picture that speaks to the beauty that is Canada! I choose this one because I still remember how I felt at that exact moment. Having grown up in Newfoundland (as far east as it gets) I saw stunning scenery all around me every single day. I've hiked Gros Morne Mountain in the east, enjoyed all that beautiful BC has to offer and quickly realized that now sitting on top of the Rocky Mountains that I'm so very lucky to have experienced the most beautiful places in Canada from Coast to Coast. While I have a passion for travelling the world I started that journey in my own back yard and never stopped looking. The beauty and culture in Canada cannot be captured in one picture but a memory can! This is home. 🇨🇦

- Denise


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