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Kayaking with Future Husband!

This photo was taken October 5th, 2015, after a kayaking trip with my parents and (then) boyfriend, Matt, through Todd Inlet, off the coast of Vancouver Island. Just when I thought I completed a great adventure on the water, I had no idea that an even greater life adventure was about to begin... At the time of this photo, I had been living and working in China for almost 10 years, and so my once-a-year trips home to Canada were always something that I deeply treasured. Heart to hearts with my dad, cooking with my mom, catching up with old friends, and also embracing the outdoors - something that I took mostly for granted growing up in Alberta, as China's air quality makes you want to escape! Rewind to 2014, I met Matt at a mutual friend's birthday party in Shanghai. I was instantly taken by his cute British accent, and he taken with my cute Canadian one! We talked the whole night and quickly starting dating soon after that. A year later, I was in between jobs and was forced to fly home for a month, to get paper work and my general career direction figured out. Matt was still in China during this time, but flew out out to Victoria for two weeks to see me and meet my parents. While we were kayaking on this particular occasion near my parents home, unbeknownst to me, he had already asked my dad's permission to marry me a week previous. When I look at this photo, I catch my breath...I had been kayaking with my future husband, completely unaware!

- Jane


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