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Whistler Wilderness 1974

I wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of Vancouver and experience the absolute quiet that Canada had to offer; so a work mate told me about a wood 'A-frame' cabin his folks had built at a place called Whistler, about 80 kilometres from Vancouver. He said it was quiet and in walking distance of a lake there called Lost Lake, a name I found intriguing, as I wanted to 'get lost' for awhile in the Canadian wilderness! It had no tv or radio in it, but was just furnished with meagre furniture, and a wood burning potbelly stove in it, that would accommodate a kettle on top to heat water or soup; plus the woodshed was freshly stocked with wood. I wasn't interested in skiing but loved the thought of being in the mountains in the dead of winter, so I arranged to rent it for $200.00 for 2 months from November- December of 1974. I packed my bag with warm clothing; good mountain boots, a sleeping bag, and took the greyhound bus to Whistler. It was then a small outpost that attracted mostly local and city skiing enthusiasts, but it definitely was not the modern bustling resort it is today! I breathed in clean crisp cool air, got real close to many a bear while hiking all around the Whistler range; sat in absolute silence for hours on end at the edge of the ever misty Lost Lake while the only sound was a lone Loon's echo; felt the first snowfall of the season as it fell on my face! The cabin is long gone but my memory of wild Canada as it was remains!

- Ioannis


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