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Thunderin' Bay

I was working on a project up in Thunder Bay which kept me quite occupied.. However, we managed to get away one weekend with some locals and go fishing in the vast lakes in the area. The day was memorable, with the locals laughing about how the 'big city' folks didn't know how to fish.. What they didn't realize is that 'big city' Ontario fish are smart. They have learned to avoid being caught by anyone but the best anglers... so when we used our tricks in the practically untouched waters around Thunder Bay, the fish were almost begging to jump into the boat. It was a great experience.. we got to truly enjoy the beauty of nature, taught the locals a few things. That was the purest visit to the Canadian Wilderness that I've experienced and I hope to one day visit again. Living in upstate New York on the Hudson, most of the water in the area is polluted and not appealing. One day I'll get back nature.. and Thunder Bay is on my list!

- Avery


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