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Honey Harbour

Every summer my family, along with my Aunties and cousins and Grandmother, would go to Honey Harbour for our vacation. We would rent a cottage and those were the best experiences I could have ever had as child. From fishing, to catching frogs, to roasting marshmallows and creating our own diving moves off the dock into the lake (the 'everything dive' which was to do as many moves in the air before hitting the water!). One of my absolute favourite stories, to which I still tell everyone about today, is when we fed a little chipmunk cheerios all the way into our cottage. Which took a lot of cheerios and patience! I was born in Canada but have lived in England for 17 years now. I haven't been able to return as often as I would like, but everytime I do I try to re-live those memories at the cottage. The absolute beauty that oozes from Canada's wildlife is something that can only be appreciated through experiencing it in real life.

- Leigh


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