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"Great White North" Canada

I am a native of Cochrane, ON and I will forever hold nostalgic memories of the "great white north" in my heart & soul. Winter at it's finest and wilderness at it's truest and rawest form! Snowbanks piled km's high! Sometimes as early as October and lasting until May. The surreal memory of walking with my Dad to the end of the road for garbage drop off..short walk albeit but donned with coat and boots on those icy winter eves. One particular evening when my Dad thought it was me following, what a surprise to find it was one of many Bear Cubs sauntering along behind him! The rest of the pack were busy in our outside cubby-hole, as I watched and giggled from the door (at 5 years old!). From Cochrane and onward, I was fortunate to experience many other areas of ON & Western Canada, from Kingston to Nanaimo, Eastern Atlantic provinces, & "La Belle Province". I will cherish every memory & forever be SO Proud to be "A Canadian at Heart, Living in the USA". Here's to: Peameal Bacon, Ketchup chips, Hickory Sticks, Coffee Crisp, "Sortilege", (to name a few!) & to Tim Horton's (Tim Horton's arena in Cochrane, ON) *look it up* :) Here's to my fellow Canadians. Where ever life takes you, may you always have the Maple Leaf blowing in your direction. The picture is the Polar Bear "welcome to Cochrane, ON" mascot..compliments of "Murray Blackburn", a fellow native Cochrane friend.

- Kathleen


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