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Festival du Voyageur

While my adventure doesn't take place in the wilds of Northern Manitoba, it does take place in the frozen month of February, in the heart of Winnipeg, Manitoba. For those who have not had experienced the joy that is Festival du Voyageur, you must make the time, and go just once. See how life was when the Fur Traders ran the trade routes for the Hudson Bay Company. Sit by the fire and listen to the fiddlers play a jig, while you sip Caribou (French Canadian fortified ice wine) from ice shot glasses. Or, eat some Maple Syrup from a stick, that's been rolled from a snow pack. But if sitting outside, in -30 degree weather isn't for you, sit inside and listen to a band play Metis music, while you eat Bannock and Torrtiere! Once you've experienced Festival du Voyageur, the temperature will never keep you away! Bundle up, put on your sash, and huddle by the fire. Hey Ho!"

- Marguerite


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