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The Extraordinary Near North

We love vacationing in Northern Ontario during the summer-time; however, we have been up during the winter and had a wonderful time. I decided to mesh some pictures from several different trips together into one photo. We love to hike and have found some amazing places between Terrace Bay and Geraldton/Longlac, Ontario. Including a spectacular trip into the deep wilderness around the Ogoki Resevoir north of Nakina, Florida. We also love the Muskoka Area in and around my mom's hometown, Bracebridge and when our children were younger we use to frequent Santa's Villiage (could not find photos for that). Oh the moose and black bears I have witnessed; not to mention the Osprey and Eagles, so majestic, so amazing! Perhaps the most priceless treasure in all of Ontario? The memories we have been blessed with courtesy of Northern Ontario/Muskoka enable myself, my Better Half, Kate and our 3 children to keep Ontario close to our hearts even when we are deep down south in the Sunshine State... Sincerely, John Connor, Professor, Old Timer Hockey Player, & Expatriate Canadian

- John


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