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Horwood Lake Ontario

A few years before I left home for university, my parents bought a cottage at Horwood Lake in Northern Ontario where for the longest time had no access to phone lines, electricity, proper toilets (i.e. only a compost toilet and an outhouse). When I was a teenager, it seemed unfair that my parents would effectively force me into going to this place in the middle of nowhere away from all of my friends with no ability to communicate with anyone! Forward on a few years to 2007, the year I was going to university. I was so excited about leaving and getting freedom but as to please my parents, I agreed to spend time at the cottage. On this particular evening the sky was clear. My uncle who own a cottage a few doors down from ours came over to our cottage for a fire. I remember him distinctly telling me: 'Marie-France, regarde à ce ciel, ces étoiles, tu ne vas pas être capable de les voir dans une grosse ville polluée. Lorsque tu regarde au ciel, tu vas toujours te souvenir de ce moment.' True to his word, I have never forgotten that beautiful clear night, free from all noise and technology. Living in London (UK) now I often look at the night sky longing for the stars to be as bright as I remembered them on that faithful night with my uncle Bob at Horwood Lake in Northern Ontario. How I long to be back and look at those magnificently even scrumptious Canadian wilderness stars.

- Marie-France


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