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My Family Farm

My family farm is located in Caledon, Ontario. It's where I grew up. Where my grandparents taught me how to fish and farm. It's where I spent weekends camping with my family and friends. It's where we gathered for holidays. We worked hard and took pride in that. It now belongs to my father who takes care of the trees and land and is getting ready to harvest what my grandparents left to him. Pine and cedar trees. My husband and I have a cattle ranch here in Oklahoma and two beautiful girls ages 7 months and 2.5 years. We've gone back to my families home every year but are struggling to be able to this year. We recently renovated our home with our savings and the contractor we used completely messed up our home and walked off on the job forcing us to have to use our Canada fund to try and fix things. My grandmother is 96 and still of sound mind. My brother and his wife just had their first little girl and we are so unbelievably upset that we aren't able to go this year to enjoy our new neices first few days and introduce our newest baby girl to her great grandmother. She is so important to us and doesn't have too many good days left. Winning this trip would mean so much to my entire family. Oklahoma may be where I live but Ontario will always be my home.

- Holly


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