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Algonquin Park

Growing up in southern Ontario both my husband and I have several memories spent in the great Canadian wilderness, usually with paddle in hand somewhere in cottage country, hiding from black flies under the water, and finding walking sticks for a hike. I would have to say my very favourite memory would be last summer when my husband had the opportunity to take our oldest three tripping in Algonquin Park. Raising our four kids in the States means we are intentional about teaching our kids about being Canadian, and giving them opportunities to create their own memories in the great wilderness: watching the sunset across the lake, learning that you instantly forgive whatever was said during the portage once you hit the water, listening to the loons out in the middle of the lake and guessing where it will pop up after it goes beneath the surface, searching out the thunder box after setting up the tent, and taking in a moose you suddenly happen upon. The expense of traveling as a family of six means trips to Canada are not as often as we would like. The opportunity to be with family in Canada for our 150th birthday would certainly be a once in a lifetime memory that we would cherish for a lifetime and be so grateful to have.

- Judy


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