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On the Edge of Mt Temple

On the edge of my highest mountain in Lake Louise and a grand adventure with the guy I met there. We hiked in from the Lake Moraine trail, pitched our tent at the bottom of the famous backside scramble and headed up early the next morning. It was a gorgeous dewy morning and a reasonable hike without ropes or climbing gear. A toss of the dice from a Zen perspective is what lead me to my new life in Chicago with this and many adventures along the way. On my way from Montreal and needing a change from my punk rock band, I threw the I-Chin to help in my next life course decision; to deal cards in a casino in White Horse and save up so I could get to Japan to teach English. On my way to the great white north, I dropped by to visit my brother in Banff and ended up working at Chateau Lake Louise as a maid and then at The Lake Louise Inn as a cook. I caught the Lake Louise magic and skied and hiked and learned about mountain adventuring for two years, met my adventurer partner and headed for India and the himalayan foothills of Kashmir with our telemark mountaineering skis and a camera. Continuing the adventure in and from Chicago, via Toronto and New Mexico, we both still love to ski and skate and adventure. We ski at Mt. Bohemia on the south shore of Lake Superior now and make documentaries - the latest, a film about women sled dog racers on the Lake Superior shore circuit. We would love to visit Lake Louise again and miss my beautiful country! Always a Canadian

- Laurie


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