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kite flying Edith Cavell

This trip was the dream of a mother and grandmother to gather her family. Erika was a lover of the wilderness and adventure, she had hiked the rockies, travelled to Alaska, daily skis on the montreal canal and all of this in her 60's and 70's. She was passionate about art, a keen adventurer, and a fervent family advocate. And she wanted an adventure in Canada for the distributed Israeli, Scottish and Northwest territories family - a time to regroup, share old memories and build new ones. We descended on Jasper travelling across Canada by train, car, plain or campervan. This picture is from this trip and was a hike up Mount Edith Cavell by sister, husband and daughter. Searching for the right photo was a travel through time through the many memories and adventures of that trip - the walks, kayaking, swimming, music making and story telling - to a time when memories could be made and kept. Canada, I'm ready to come home for a new adventure.

- Wendy


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