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On the road

We have taken many, many trips to British Columbia and across Canada. We were doing Genealogy and went to many cemeteries in almost all of the Provinces. Along the way have seen many animals. The most exciting one was in Northern Alberta where we were on the road and a very, very slow Beaver was crossing the road to get to a pond. As well as seeing Beavers we have seen Moose, Elk, Wolfs and many, many different birds. Have been to all 10 provinces. Going on a cruise in Eastern Canada. In British Columbia we took the Ferry from Port Hardy to Bella Coola, a fabulous ride. In Manitoba we were looking for a relative in Hamiota and found another relative in the same cemetery. It was a Eureka moment. This was just one of many instances travelling across Canada and searching many, many Cemeteries. We also were exciting going across the Canadian Shield and seeing all of the great lakes. Also met new relatives and family that had moved to Saskatchewan. Took pictures of the grave site in the many, many cemeteries. A wonderful time doing genealogy!!!

- Marion


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