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This is Dads Canada

Canada and Great Britain, separated by an ocean but joined by history. Serendipity brought me to your shores to work, make friends, and set down roots. Affection keeps me here. When we were younger we would spend a considerable amount of time outside playing timberland, fort, camping or even just sitting and listening to the calmness surrounding you. We’d explore, swim and just have fun using our imagination outside. At that age one never really appreciates what they have and how you long for those days when you are older and reflecting back. I left my family home in 1990, fresh out of University. I was handed a golden opportunity to work in England having met a guest in a Hotel whilst working in Muskoka, Ontario. This guest, a retired gentleman told me to call him when I graduate and he will see what he could do to get me a job in England. I did just that 4 years later and as a result Mr Coe, remembering me, had 6 job offers from which to choose. Having been given this opportunity, I did not want to let him down so I planned to come over for a year. I was no sooner in the UK when Mr Coe contacted me and asked me how I was. I went to visit him in Devon and after a while I asked him why he had done all this for me, after all I have done was serve him a main course dinner. Mr Coe simply looked at me and said, I was in Canada during the Second World War training Canadians how to fly in combat and the Canadians we very good to my dear are my repayment to Canada...

- Kate


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