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I grew up in southern Ontario spending a lot of time playing outdoors; weekends swimming and playing at the cottage and frequent camping trips in our many provincial parks. One of my favourite adventures was when my partner Dave was recovering from a broken femur and was advised to do as much hiking as possible -so we headed out to one of my favourite places, Algonquin Park. Being from Australia he had never seen a moose and was determined to find one. In between hikes we drove up and down the main road (where the moose like to gather to lick up the salt) trying to catch a glimpse of one. After three days, several hikes and about 50 trips up and down that road we had to give up and go home. We may not have found a moose but we had a fantastic time hiking and canoeing our way through Algonquin... and now we have the perfect excuse to go back!

- Lissa


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