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Under the Stars With Mum

One of THE best times spent in the wilderness in my homeland of Canada was horsebackriding in the mountains in British Columbia, where I'm from. My mum and I went on a three day trip, near Armstrong, B.C., all on horseback, up and down mountainous tracks. We cooked simple food on an open fire and then camped out under the stars at night, with just the cosmos, the peaceful silence and the moon for company - and probably a few wild animals too! We laughed until our sides hurt the whole time on this adventure. It truly is the simple things that make you happy. My Mum sadly now has dementia but still remembers this time spent together and it is a cherished memory. I now have two little boys and would love nothing more than to show them where their mum is from and they would love to visit Canada too - they are themselves, little explorers. They have it in their blood.The true north strong and free 💜💜💜

- Rebecca


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